Rubber Ball Bearing Boots

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Rubber boots are used in special applications, where the application requires minimum vibration and noise proof mounting. Oil resistiant, static-conductive nitrile rubber boots are used.

Rubber Boot Spherical OD of Ball Bearing Manitou Pillow Block Set
R-4 40MM 47MPB-ST-ZP, 47PBM-HR-ZP, or 47PBM-SS-N
R-5 47MM 52MPB-ST-ZP, 52PBM-HR-ZP, or 52PBM-SS-N
R-6 52MM 62MPB-ST-ZP, 62PBM-HR-ZP, or 62PBM-SS-N
R-7 62MM 72MPB-ST-ZP


The Rubber Boot surrounds the ball bearing and fits in between the base and top strap of the Pillow Block Set.

A Pillow Block Set without turned down edges on the top strap, and turned up edges on the base will not work, as the rubber flows out of the unit in use when any thrust is applied.

The above Manitou Pillow Block Sets have the proper edges on both base and top strap.   This is the type of unit, where the base and top strap have the “Snap Together” feature.