Company History

Harvey A. Chapman, the Company’s founder, obtained a B.S. degree for Mechanical Engineering in 1927. Along with his wife Ruth Chapman they established Manitou Manufacturing in 1968.

Bronze bushed pillow block bearing assemblies for grain augers was their first product line. Since then, additional types and sizes of bearing assemblies have been added to the Manitou product list. Over 40 years ago, a customer asked Manitou to produce pillow block sets for ball bearings. Their customer needed heavy-duty stamped steel top and base straps like the ones used on Manitou’s bearing assemblies.

It was not long before customers began requesting that Manitou produce flanges. Whenever possible, Manitou strives to meet new customer needs. Now the company, headed by the Chapmans’ children and grandchildren, produces a wide variety of pillow block sets, flanges, and flush mounts.